Installing FSLeyes Plugin


FSLeyes is a neuroimaging viewer, created as part of the FSL software package. We have created a plugin for Shimming Toolbox to integrate with FSLeyes, which means that our software can be loaded and used with their viewer.

We have bundled our plugin installer with FSLeyes, which means you don’t have to install it yourself. If you do have FSLeyes installed, don’t worry - it won’t interfere.

To install, first clone the repo:

git clone

Next, run the installer:

cd fsleyes-plugin-shimming-toolbox
make install

You will be prompted to source your *.shrc file. For example:

source ~/.bashrc

Now, you can launch FSLeyes with our plugin from any environment:


To launch our plugin, go to:

Settings --> OrthoView --> Shimming Toolbox

The plugin should open as a panel.